We were alerted yesterday (2018 Jun 9) morning by a concerned parent who found used drug paraphernalia next to Wilfred Laurier Elementary school playground. These includes everything needed for a needle drug injection. Lucky, no needles was found after checking the area several times. This marks a pattern of drug paraphernalia found around Wilfred Laurier Elementary school parameters since TMH opened.

The playground is used by hundreds of young children during school days and weekends by both Laurier students and children in the neighborhood. This time we were lucky no needles was found, next time? Who knows if we would be so lucky!?


  1. It’s a slap on the face of BC Housing, Community Builder, & COV who repeatedly deny TMH would have any negative effects on close-by schools, kids and residents. As long as TMH is not in their own backyard, they’ll whole-heartedly support TMH.

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