The following is a testimony from Marpole resident Chris before Richmond City Council on the untold truth of living beside Marpole Modular Housing project.  While BC Housing is calling the project a success with residents all supportive, the real situation couldn’t be farther away from the truth:

May 18th , 2018—City of Richmond special meeting

Good evening everyone, my name is Chris, I am a Marpole resident. I heard some Richmond city councilors had a tour at Marpole TMH. City of Vancouver and BC Housing officials have publicly alleged the success of their TMH project, but this is definitely untrue and I hope that the City of Richmond is not misled by such untrue statements.  In the eyes of many Marpole residents, the TMH process was a disaster in Vancouver and has had and will continue to have very negative consequences.  Also, we were already bothered by many instances of failures of the TMH project.  The complaints accumulated such that Marpole residents decided to bring a leave to the Supreme Court of Canada in order to have their case heard.  In their view, the City Officials intentionally eliminated the public hearing process, thereby violating the fundamental of modern property laws and seriously underline due process and fair consultation.

The following incidents have been reported by residents and the CAC, BC Housing, Kerrisdale Oakridge Marpole Community Police Center and the TMH.

1) An extensive amount of needles with a Naxalone drug bottle has been found by a resident near the school and TMH.

2) Trespassing and squatters have been reported a few times nearby the TMH.  In some cases, there were needles and property damages.  Some were approaching our property and go through our personal recycling bins to take items.

3) Ambulances and fire trucks, with sirens, were seen and photographed at TMH during school hours.  This is not normal school activity, it is concerning, alarming and disruptive.  One mom told me her daughter has high anxiety and to witness the ambulances and fire trucks at school would ruin her whole learning day.

4) The nearly schools were restricting the kids’ activities outside schoolyard.  We send the kids to schools, not to prison! The strong smell of marijuana from TMH is also a big problem. Unfortunately the registration number at Laurier Elementary School this year has dropped from previous 318 to 280, almost 14% of students left.

5) TMH is not a good solution, but a paint on the surface of a social issue that only makes it look better, but the it is extremely expensive (as some of other residents have said so far) and will cause the government and community to lose sight of the more fundamental measures to home the homeless, including proper career training, psychological and physical health care and consultation, and addiction treatment.  When we look back in a few years, we will regret on those time and money wasted that could have served to mitigate the fundamental cause of homeless.

All these happened because the City of Vancouver officials ignored the legitimate concerns of the community, and eliminated the public hearing opportunity. We are happy to see that the City of Richmond officials have done a better job listening to the community, and I look forward to the correct decision that will benefit the people of Richmond.

For example, on May 11th City of Burnaby announced the TMH location at an industrial area and also invited the local charity organization to manage TMH, which is much better the TMH plan in Richmond.

I also want to mention the news which happened two days ago. On May 16th news “Homeless in Vancouver: Police respond with weapons drawn on South Granville”. At least six uniformed police officers and another in plainclothes forcibly took down and briefly restrained a homeless male. I believe 7/24 phone call service at TMH doesn’t make any sense to any local resident around TMH in such kind of situation.


  1. Well said!Chris!

    If one is able to work, then please help them to get a job to make a living! If one is drug- addicted, then please send him or her a rehab centre; if one is mentally ill, then please send him or her to a hospital; if a politician wants votes from homeless friends, then do the above three steps firstly! Please treat homeless friends as human beings instead of a voting machine!

  2. Can believe it, WTF goverment does to the people, spend taxpayer’s money, and messes up taxpayer’s life, with this shit TMH!

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