We read your article “Marpole Modular Housing Opponents Want to Be Heard by Supreme Court“.  I found what is in it is different from the stories we knew
I heard and saw the photos of:
  1. large quantity of needles with Naxalon bottles
  2. a female tenant trespassing at a day care and stealing garden property
  3. cases of squatters in same house – none of which occurred prior to TMH
This is just the beginning, when everyone is on guard and being careful, what is to come when the dust settles?  Only because adults found the needles there isn’t a possible serious injury.  This is not to be ignored or taken lightly.
These incidents are in the Marpole TMH Community Advisory Committee meeting minutes, whose community representatives contact info are still NOT  AVAILABLE in public!
I hope you can make corrections or contact us for truth. Thank you!

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