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May 10, 2018
Marpole citizens files leave to appeal with Supreme Court of Canada
Vancouver, BC – The Caring Citizens of Vancouver Society (the “Society”) has filed an
appeal application to the Supreme Court of Canada regarding the construction of Temporary
Modular Housing (“TMH”) in Marpole.  The Society remains committed to its cause and, as
such, is seeking the permission from the highest court of the land to hear the case, which is
of public significance.
City of Vancouver and BC Housing officials have publicly alleged success of their TMH
projects, ignoring numerous complaints and objections from the community and the serious
consequences of their decisions. The Society is of the view that to willfully eliminate a public
hearing process in the name of swiftness violates the fundamental principle of modern
property laws and raises serious questions of due process and fundamental justice. The
Society demands genuine public consultation and transparency.
“We are not giving up this fight, and will continue to pursue every legal avenue that is
available to us,” said Chris Qiu, vice-president of the Caring Citizens of Vancouver Society.
“For months, we have been arguing, using available methods in the community as well as in
the courts, that this project has been pushed through without due process and that the
chosen location is inappropriate. We hope that the Supreme Court of Canada will hear this
issue of great public significance, including on how our elected government officials should
exercise the powers that the voters entrust to them.”
Contact Information:
Chris Qiu
Caring Citizens of Vancouver Society
Caring Citizens of Vancouver Society ( is a society incorporated
pursuant to the laws of British Columbia.

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