When Marpole TMH was originally approved, one of the conditions was establishment of a community advisory committee with 5 community representatives to represent the concerns, thoughts, ideas, etc of Marpole community.  Yet, how do Marpole resident contact these community representatives?

Well, it turns out YOU CANNOT because their contact info is private information.  In fact, there isn’t even a list of community representatives listed on Marpole TMH page at Community Builders or City of Vancouver website.  So how can these people represent Marpole community when we don’t know who they are or how to contact them?!

Imagine you are told you have MLA representing you in the provincial legislature, but they don’t have an office you can go, and their email / phone numbers / any contact info are private information and can’t be released.  Oh yeah, you can’t even find out who your MLA is because that is not listed on the government website.  How can anyone say these MLAs can represent their community?  This is the ridiculous case with Marpole TMH CAC’s community representatives!  How can anyone claim with a straight face these are community representatives when you don’t even know who they are and how to contact them?!

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