The tenanting is complete at Reiderman Residences (Marpole TMH).  The Community Advisory Committee has been established and met several times.  The links to the meeting minutes are here.  One interesting thing that stuck out to us is that over a 24 hour period from March 30 to March 31, “paraphernalia” were found almost hourly along Heather & 59th Ave.  We also had a property owner who contacted us about the problems during that time frame where she found drug paraphernalia on her property and she has to report to TMH management to get it clean up.

Another resident taking a walk along 59th Ave from Heather to Oak in early April also found over 17 drug paraphernalia along the route!

This is certainly a new experience for Marpole!

By the way, still no contact info for the 5 community representatives.  So how are we supposed to contact the representatives that’s supposed to represent us?!

Marpole TMH CAC Meeting Minutes

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