It seems we are not the ones who are against modular housing.  In fact, opposition against modular housing is far and wide.  It is not because of NIMBY, but rather once people actually decides to take tie and research the issue, they find that modular housing is a Potemkin village.  It looks nice and sound promising on the surface but empty on the inside.

Look at this insightful article from former Maple Ridge Councillor – Modular homes won’t help homeless, says former Maple Ridge councillor

Nanaimo rejects its modular housing project due to proximity to schools, daycare, and senior center – City of Nanaimo rejects Chase River location for $7 million supportive housing initiative

City of Nanaimo asked the provincial government for more time to find a suitable alternative location but BC NDP government refused Nanaimo’s request – maybe because the city dares to listen to its electorate and refuse to steamroll over the taxpayers, citizens, and voters? As a democratic elected government is supposed to do?

Richmond TMH opposition group hosted a Charity and Safety Forum forum on TMH recently showcasing what they have learned as better approach in the short time they have.  Surprising that our highly paid bureaucrats at city and provincial levels can’t come up with anything better for the ten years they have been in power – Richmond Charity and Safety Forum

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