Look to discriminate based on social status Bhuiyan said

Metro News Article: Marpole ‘a food desert’ warn members of Vancouver neighbourhood

This article contains inaccurate information and is irresponsible reporting with irrelevant information that can have very damaging long-term effects on a community for which it will be held accountable.

Firstly, the journalist seems to have published what Ishman Bhuiyan said without doing their research regarding the Richmond Public Library attack.  Not only is the Richmond attack unrelated to the purpose of this story, the journalist and editors should have known the Police made an official statement that the attack is unrelated to Temporary Modular Housing. For reference attached below is one of the numerous articles to support this.  That said, it was inappropriate to mention it in this article and in context with which it was written.

With respect to Ishman Bhuiyan’s remark on the ‘social status’, there should be a policy to not report such an opinion that can be so harmful and damaging.  To say “the message we can extract is that people are going to have reasons for opposition and look to discriminate based on social status” is false and discriminatory and has never been stated by a member of the community or the CCVS.  It is his opinion, and his opinion alone.   It is important to emphasize the further damage Bhuiyan is causing by uttering such statements and asserting his belief that people are “discriminating based on social status”.  It is an opinion which is not even related to the topic of the story.  This does nothing to ease tensions or create lasting harmony between the TMH and communities where they are being erected.

And not that the social-status of Marpole is even relevant but let’s note that the city officially categorized Marpole as seniors, renters, born outside of Canada, and lower income.

Ironically with respect to the topic of lack of food in Marpole, it is one of the MAIN points behind “Wrong Location.”  We have always stated that Marpole lacks all the essential resources, most notably food, medical, transit, substance rehab, and mental health resources.

Not only have former homeless people reached out to us to tell us we are right, we went into the DTES community to meet and talk to homeless people to ascertain their needs.  Each person with whom we spoke expressed the same concern, Marpole does not fit their needs.

RCMP office statement regarding the Richmond Library assault incident: “This was an isolated incident that was not racially or ethnically motivated,” said Cpl. Dennis Hwang. “We remind people to exercise a critical lens in what they see, hear or read before any judgments are made.”


PS.  Since Metro News seems to unable to do basic research, here is the link to City of Vancouver report on who will live in all Vancouver modular housing project – http://council.vancouver.ca/20171004/documents/pspc2.pdf (page 17 & 18)

As well, we have BC Housing director Brenda on audio tape at Feb 7, 2018 community update session confirming MINIMUM 20% residents will be level 3 – http://vancitizen.com/2018/02/marpole-residents-continue-protest-against-temporary-modular-homes


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