Kamloops dad starts petition after son poked by used needle

Our hearts go out to this 12 years old young boy who try to be a good Samaritan and removed trash and discarded needle he found in the park, but was unfortunately pricked by the needle.  We ask everyone to please sign his dad’s petition for a safer needle so this wouldn’t happen again.  This is an extremely sad case, and a reminder of just how dangerous discarded needles can be!

Make it MANDATORY…. for all syringes distributed for “Harm Reduction” in Kamloops BC, to be Vanish Point syringes only!!!

Unless off course someone is already planning for a career in politics and need some awards and 15 minutes of media fame for their political resumes like these “leaders” at Marpole Students for Modular Housing – Ishman Bhuiyan, Holly Morrison, and Helen Colliander.  To them, kids who are pricked by discarded needles, and parents who worry for months as their child undergoes repeated blood tests and hope nothing bad is found, are simply small price they are happy to pay.  Recall these grade 12 students said last year that discarded needles are a negligible risk!  Well, that negligible risk just became very real risk for this 12 year old boy who wanted to be proactive and protect younger kids from harm!

These grade 12 students do not live in the immediate area.  They are graduating and will be gone in June.  They are already or close to be adults and can better spot dangerous situations, avoid dangers, and protect themselves.  The same can’t be said for existing kindergarten kids who will be dealing with this until they are grade 10 – up to a decade!

For their “leadership”, “compassion”, and “exemplary community spirit”, they have received non-stop media attentions in interviews, appearances on TV and radio talk shows, invitation to media events and meet the mayor and top level politicians.  They also got invited to forums hosted by political parties, offers of support from people to run for political offices, and Mayor’s Achievement Award from Mayor Gregor Roberson – Marpole students among Vancouver Awards of Excellence recipients.  All they needed to do was sacrifice the next decade of a few hundred elementary school students – small price for them to pay!

Oh yeah, they also swear this is all their own doing.  Media just happens to find this small group of students with no media relation, no PR, no press releases or reaching out to media on their own.  Media personalities like CKNW’s Simi Sara just “happen” to find them by chance!

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