Georgia Straight – Homeless in Vancouver: Glenn and Shaun get kicked out of Marpole modular housing before they even move in

This decision is NOT done to appease Marpole opposition.

From day one, Marpole opposition has said they are worried about the safety of their children as a main concern.  This concern was validated by a City of Vancouver report which mandates a MINIMUM 20% of residents must be level 3 (page 17) individuals.  This was confirmed again during Feb 7, 2018 community update session by BC Housing director Brenda (~35:30 to 36:30 mark in audio recording here: Marpole Residents against Temporary Modular Homes).  The quickest way to appease the Marpole opposition would be for the City of Vancouver to say no level 3 (page 17) individuals will be housed across from a school.  However, BC Housing and the City of Vancouver are absolutely adamant on this being a requirement.

From the description in the article, Glenn & Shaun sound like individuals who truly want to get better and turn their lives around.  They do NOT fit the level 3 profile, maybe not even level 2.  So why would the city reject them to appease Marpole opposition? It doesn’t make sense!

Also, it mentions that, Glenn & Shaun do NOT want to live with level 3 individuals.  So, how would putting them in temporary modular homes with a dozen or more level 3 individuals be good for them?

Lastly, it does make us wonder just who will BC Housing be putting into the Marpole temporary modular homes?  Are they putting in level 3s instead because level 3s are the hardest to house and the most costly to support on the street?  It costs the city $55K+/yr to handle a level 3 who is living on the street. According to research out of SFU, that cost drops to $15k after putting them in housing. This is because while on the streets they repeatedly overdose and often end up in mental health systems. So, is this just a cost cutting move? Surely they understand that more support is required than just a warm bed.

Despite some differences in opinions and views, I want to say thanks to SQW for a well thought out and balanced article. This article presents useful and important insights from homeless individuals who truly want to get better and improve their lives. It also shows Marpole residents have some very valid & serious concerns about the temporary modular home project.  This article does a far better job at shedding light on this contentious issue than mainstream media like Global News, CBC, Globe & Mail, Vancouver Sun, etc have been doing.


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