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Doesn’t change the fact that they didn’t work alongside with you guys to help figure out a good location and it doesn’t seem like they plan to. It’s not that it was sprung up on you guys it’s more the fact that they are not allowing you to voice your opinion about where they can or should be putting the modular housing in each neighbourhood….

I don’t personally live in this area however I do live in falsecreek and I have had the effects of having modular housing, social housing and halfway houses near me and I can say without a doubt that it creates a unstable, and unpredictable environment for people to be in. I grew up in East Vancouver and I was fine with walking around at night time and throughout the day by myself however living in falsecreek I’m scared to walk in certain parts because I am worried about somebody approaching me or I look at somebody the wrong way or what to them is the wrong way, and simply because they are unstable things can take a turn for the worse … Even with a pitbull it doesn’t seem to stop these people from approaching me, like they have the right and I owe them something. It could start with a simple question like oh do you have the time then harassing me for money and even if I do give a bit they say that’s it?

A lot of times these people follow others into our Buildings break into vehicles, storage lockers, bike rooms no matter how secure the area seems they have a way to get in and out. These people are brilliant and good at getting what they want and take what they want. It often feels like they think they are entitled to it so that they can make money off of our hard earnings. This is more then likely not the case for all of them but it only takes one or two to create a hostile environment. IN BC they are provided with so many services to help them yet it hasn’t changed the homeless rate… if the government cares so much about helping better peoples lives what about the single mothers that are working two jobs struggling to get by why aren’t they paying for cheaper or free housing. Why aren’t we helping the honest hard-working people who are struggling to get by in Vancouver instead… why not make living in Vancouver affordable for all Then…. why aren’t we providing more services to people with disabilities and the elderly so that they too can have a better quality of life. What makes living on the streets more important than all of these people how did all of our street people end up on the streets to start? help them with correcting and changing those things first so they don’t end up back on the streets. You can only help those who want to be helped… you can’t just find a quick fix and tuck them away and hope that the community around them will just embrace them and help them with the changes they need.

Yes providing them the opportunity to start over again without as much worry may help however it doesn’t give them the skills to learn how to make money and save and pay for things in the real world like rent bills groceries etc…even for Us to make minimum-wage find it tough sometimes make it all work but the government doesn’t bail us out. Yes there are some people out there that desperately need the help but we live in a city where there’s an abundance of opportunities to help them get out. And really why would our city allow that type of endangerment and recklessness to be something that children need to face every day. This would cause teachers to have to go above and beyond teaching but instead of using their energy and time to Be able to help our children grow and learn to their full potential, it would be like they were security guards and having to be sure that they are protecting the kids safety and well being. Do these people making the decisions not have kids of their own would they not want to be sure they were safe every day while they were not able to be there to watch over them…why not put it in their own backyards?

I took criminology and I understand the importance of rehabilitation and keeping people a part of a community however these people need to want to be a part of the community they should have the desire to make a difference to want to contribute…. if they can guarantee those are the people that will be in this Housing they’re proposing and that they too are and will be model citizens that children won’t fear or have unnecessary and potential he endangering encounters with. Can they guarantee that teachers don’t need to worry that A stranger will enter the schoolyard simply because there are unstable causing lockdowns. If those simple things can’t be guarantee they should really think about a different place for it.
– Felicia C.

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