More than 200 Marpole residents took the protested to city hall to urge Mayor Gregor Robertson to reverse the city’s decision to open two modular housing buildings for homeless people on a property at West 59th Avenue and Heather Street. A 5,000-name petition to deputy city manager Paul Mochrie asking that the site be moved. The residents say they agree that homeless people need more housing and services in Vancouver, but not at 59th and Heather, which is in a neighbourhood that has three schools and some 2,500 children.

Deputy City Manager refuse to let two citizens to enter City Hall due to SAFETY CONCERNS(?) and stating the Mayor is OUT OF TOWN(?) at ~2:19 mark of the video below:

After 1 hour negotiation, City Hall lets in 2 females representatives to bring in a 5000+ signature petition while Mayor hides out by the side door.  How disrespectful and cowardly of the Mayor to not even attempt to speak the citizens during a peaceful protest.

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